About Singulution
Business Management Solutions

Our Philosophy

We believe that you don't have to sacrifice functionality for simplicity; A well designed system should be easy to use and jam packed with features.

Singulution is a single application instance that can be used across your various location types and online. Now it's easy to use the same inventory and sale values in-store, online and for reporting. Instantly access your business infratructure from any device and manage critical business functionality.

Singulution was built out of utility. We were tired of seeing businesses struggle with outdated and bloated point of sale and online shop software. Having different solutions for in store, the field and online sales is a recipe for disaster. Fragile ecosystems like this tend to rely on long lived polling or some sort of reconciliation process to maintain synchronicity between the systems. This is an issue. Instead of relying on complicated API's and fragile integrations, Singulution offers a complete push button solution for business management.