Singulution, Inc. is a software development company.

We're highly scalable, technically advanced and ready to serve you.

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Byrl Hunt Burdick IV
Founder and CEO

Hunt is a software engineer with 10 years of experience building web applications. Hunt first learned the Basic programming language around the age of 12 and has been programming ever since. Most recently Hunt was working with Arista Networks as a software engineer building realtime web applications for big data visualizations. Hunt is taking what he learned in Silicon Valley and applying that knowledge to Singulution, Inc.

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Christopher Rueda
Co-Founder and CCO

Chris has a degree in Architecture and a Masters in Business Administration. He spent the past few years as a freelance designer working mostly with branding, logo, and poster design. The combination of a design and business background allows Chris to bring a creative and pragmatic approach to Singulution. He prides himself on his versatility, sense of aesthetic appeal and ability to communicate design intent to clients.

We only work with highly qualified and capable engineers.

Beyond our core leadership team, we also work with a number of software engineers. If a job requires more attention, we have the ability to scale quickly. We've developed a solid talent pipeline that allows us to bring in new engineers as needed.

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